The New Era Meter addresses the complex metering and communication requirements necessary to proactively adjust an individual's or department's energy consumption habits.
 * NE-5000 Energy Meters (kWh Only)
 * NE-5100 Energy and Demand Meters (kWh &kW)
 * NE-5200 Energy, Demand, and time of Use Meters
 * NE-5300 Energy, Demand, TOU, kVar, and Power Factor Meters

The New Era Meter comesstandardwith all the following
 * Carbon Foot Print Reporting
 * Auto-ranging Power Supply
 * Field Dianostic
 * NEMA4X enclosure
 * Split core CT
 * Available as a stand-alone unit or part of a network energy management system.

Accessories, Options & Software
 * Ethernet
 * Wi-Fi Communications
 * KYZ Pulse Output and Demand Threshold Contract
 * Compartible with Google PowerMeter, Power Bill Software, and the iPhone NE app