View your meter data from anywhere!

Cutting-edge communication technology makes manual reads a thing of the past.


Instantly access meter reads from the NE Manager website or Smart Phone app to save time and money.


Our Cat-M1 Cellular communication option uses AT&T technology to ensure a reliable connection from anywhere in the USA.


Export all of your meter data in seconds to make monthly billing more straightforward than ever!


Choose from our communication options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cat-M1, and more, to get your meter data online.

work smarter, not harder!

Let the NE Meter bring the data to you and avoid manually reading your meter.

  • Secure

    An entire history of your meter data is stored and backed up on our cloud database.

  • Accurate

    The NE Meter conforms to ANSI C12.20, ANSI/IEEE C27.90.1-1989, and IEC 801-4 1988.

  • Smart

    Set up email alerts to be informed when your NE Meter exceeds predetermined thresholds.


    Multiple enclosure options, including surface mount, socket, and more, make the NE meter suited for a variety of metering applications.

  • Experienced

    The NE Meter is a Global Power Products device. GPP has more than 20 years of experience in the metering business.

  • American Made

    We manufacture our products out of Lawrenceville, Georgia, and distribute to anywhere in the US.

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